Mariya Aurya El

Fashion forward nurturer of the field,
existing luminously in upstate New York

Greetings !


Being fashion artist and life long intuitive & nurturer of the soul, I feel honored to have been chosen to  birth a healing arts modality from my heart, called Style Cosmology®. Style Cosmology was created to support sentient beings in stepping into their soul purpose and embodying their most authentic vibrational essence. Supported by the sacred gifts of biofield analysis, meditation, constellation work & the 9 Star Ki I accompany your soul, in dutiful sister fashion, through the realms of inner space. To embark on this journey is to have the courage to break generational curses, initiate catalysts for transformation within your reality and expand your consciousness.

My creative process has a diverse list of inspirations. As a teen, I studied Ayurveda and various soul expansion practices, while living in India for a year, that enlightened me to the power of subtle body cultivation. I was particularly enchanted by the traditional Tibetan Buddhist traditions, bone jewelry and mantra I observed as I traveled the Himalayan region.


Desiring to manifest my fashion vision of redefining luxury, I returned to the States and obtained a BA degree in Fine Art specializing in Fashion Merchandising. Upon graduating from university I moved to New York City and began distributing my one of a kind ceremonial garb and talisman boxes & jewelry at various pop-up shops and events around NYC. 

Look by: @MariyaAuryaEl

Soon I rented retail space in Harlem, where I provided Aura readings & custom talisman jewelry design gifts for clearing blockages to some of New York's most beautiful souls. During this time I received so much wisdom and emotional fulfillment in being able to support others in navigating the healing of their auric field. Seeing the light that illuminates from a person who has finally found a safe space to speak words they've never dared discuss prior to is something I can only describe as abundance of the heart. Being an Aura reader also has many advantages when you are also a fashion designer & artist. I often found myself designing garments played with the the spiritual energy of color and influenced the outer Aura. It was these types of exchanges that inspired the conception of Art of Style Cosmology within my creative heart space.


My gift for nurturing energetic origins includes the field of individuals and the field of families. I am currently completing my training in Family Constellations. Family Constellations is a way of working with issues and blockages within human systems, especially families. In all of my years of Aura reading, I've never witnessed a burden quite as heavy within ones field as the weight of carrying a traumatized family system of origin.  Family Constellations help  to disclose the deeper forces within the  family system that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences through multiple generations.  Family Constellations create a model of the family system to reveal and transform hidden patterns that are difficult to understand and change. My constellation work focuses on Bloodline Restoration: Family of Origin Constellations & Organizational Constellations for soul-centered businesses and artists. Sign-Up below to join the list for my upcoming constellation workshops!


In my free time, I mother an indigenous wellness organization called " Noble Indigos " which supports men and women on their healing journey through creating safe spaces for reclaiming indigenous traditions for health and wellness. I was blessed to curate and explore so many new and ancient modalities for healing in my role as Noble Indigo's monthly womb circle curator and facilitator. 



I graduated!  


Rotary International - Youth Exchange Program to study in India for one year

Miami International University of Art & Design - BA of Fine Art specializing in Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Institute of Technology - Summer Session : Sustainability in Textiles

Harlem Business Academy - The Lillian Project Cohort 1: Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Brooklyn Fashion Academy - Brooklyn Public Library Fashion Design Accelerator Program

Family Constellations New York - 2021-2022 Training Program lead by Luisa Muhr


Mariya Aurya El Design Studio - Conscious design studio specializing in aura reading, meditation, systemic constellations, talismanic jewelry & ceremonial garb

Noble Indigos LLC. - Indigenous wellness organization specializing in reclaiming aboriginal practices for healing and wellness. 

Mamiwas of the Round Table : Sistarhood Healing Non-Profit - Board Member, Healer, Content Contributor

Sip Shop Eat: Resident Tarot Reader in New York City & Los Angeles / Content Contributor


Noble Sister Circle: Monthly Ancestral Birthright Reclamation Womb Circle

Noble Indigo's The Divine Download : Virtual Retreat - Calming with Agate + Chakra Meditation

Joy Academy Virtual Wellness Conference - Aura Wellness Presentation

Ethel's Club - Calming Crystal Healing + Chakra Meditation

                        Frequency Turn- Up: Your Guide to Aura Wellness

Sip. Shop. Eat ! Collective Market - Live Crystal Aura Reading & Virtual Holiday Bazaar 'The Art of Tarot' Workshop + Collective Reading, Virtual "Money Magick" Workshop, Virtual "How To Survive As An Ethical Entrepreneur Without Selling Out" Workshop, 

Baruch College : Black Male Initiative Tool - Kit Tuesday - Guided Meditation Workshop

MetaDen - Frequency Turn- Up: Your Guide to Aura Wellness